Drone Garage Sell (Please Look Through Lots of Items for Sale)


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Hello all,

I have many items for sale.   Purchasing everything will give the buyer a 10% discount on the total.  Purchasing 5 items or more will give a 5% discount.  Payments can be made via venmo, check, or money order.  If none of that works contact me and we may be able to work something out!  Thanks for looking hope to make a deal!

Ground Rules

  • All sales are sold as is. 
  • No refunds. 
  • All equipment was operational when it was last used.  It has been in storage for 6 months.
  • Shipping paid by buyer,  Will be determined when shipping address is provided
  • I'm really trying to sell this stuff, so make me a fair offer and we can make a deal.
  • Pictures on request.  I tried to upload them but it exceeds the file size allowed by this forum.


Equipment List:

x8 TMotor MF1806 Fold able props.  (7 in boxes new, 1 set used)

  • $35 ea for NIB props
  • $25 for the used

x4 TMotor Alpha 60A HV ESC

  • $100 ea

x8 TMotor CF Prop 30x10.5

  • x4 CW
  • x4 CCW
  • $150 ea individual prop
  • $300 for a CC & CCW pair

x15 KDE direct props

  • $100 ea
  • $180 for a pair

x6 Lightware SF11/C Laser Altimeters.  No wire harness you'll need to buy it.

  • $175 ea

x4 Lightware SF11/B Laser Altimeters. No wire harness you'll need to buy it.

  • $150 ea

x3 Pixhawk Cube Black

  • $250 ea

x3 Here+ GPS

  • $75 ea

x8 TMotor U10ii KV100

  • $250 ea

x1 Tarot T18 (comes with props and escs but no controller.  Missing landing gear skids

  • $150

x2 RFD900 Radio

  • $90 for one with antennas
  • $50 for one without antennas

x6 mRo 915MHz Radio

  • $25 ea

x1 FrSky L9R

  • $25 ea

x3 Gremsy T3V2 Gimbals

  • x2 come with the gimbal, gimbal dampening plate, power, & serial com cable, power cable.  No other cables. $500
  • x1 comes with gimbal, gimbal dampening plate, power, & serial com cable, power cable, DJI cable, CAN cable. $550

x1Gremsy Dampening Plate square

  • $150

x1 Gremsy Dampening Plate Circular

  • $100 its missing the rail mount portion

x1 Lot of random chargers, power cables etc

  • $50

x1 Mauch PL PDB New in Box

  • $100

x1 Micasense Altum with DLS2 for M210.  Has the M210 Mounting Kit

  • $3000
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