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i am close to starting my business.  But the one thing i have not figured out is pricing.  What are people charging for real estate filming or photography  I'm also interested in doing aerial inspections.  .Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  





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So many variables. Pricing is going to vary on your abilities and equipment (just like how there is a price range for photographers). For example, are  you going to shoot whenever you have time, or will you get your shots during the golden hour?

Baseline I'd think you'd want to be $150/hr+ just to show up. If you have insurance, a 333, and an Inspire or better, then $200/hr+ should get you in the ballpark. This will also depend on any post processing you do to the photos. Ultimately you are selling the finished product. 

For video, it would be good to separate out the price for the flight, and then for the video editing (or be very clear how many edits customers get for $x). Lumping it in with the flight will get you stuck in an endless loop of edits with clients.

I think the key is what you do with the photos/data after you collect it. If you are doing point/shoot/send, it will be lower. If you are a pro, you should get paid like one!


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