Hello and Intro from NJ!

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Hi All!

I am a professional photographer new to UAVs and I just bought my first drone, a DJI4.

As I begin the learning curve of flying drones I realize the more I know the more I realize I don’t know! I’m hoping to increase my knowledge with this group and connect with other users.

I photograph mostly portraits and events for families and corporate clients, but also have a commercial real estate client that has been asking their photo vendors if they are using drones. The demand is no doubt increasing for aerial photography.

I plan on getting certified under the new Part 107 regulations and wondering how deep a knowledge of aviation I will need to pass the test. Any info in that regard or recommended study guides is appreciated.

If interested, here is my portrait website: and gallery of real estate photography:


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Hey Ken, welcome to the forum! I'm in NYC so not too far from you.

Check out our 11-page study guide at (scroll down to download). There's a lot you need to know. I think most folks will be surprised at how hard the Aeronautical Knowledge Test will be, particularly if you've never been exposed to things like METAR reports, Weather Depiction Charts, Sectional Charts, the national airspace system, radio phraseology / communicating with air traffic control, etc.

Beautiful shots, by the way...

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Hi Alan,

I did download your guide. It’s a great overview of the test and does surprise me at the knowledge required to pass.

Thanks for the compliment on my photography!

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